Property Treaty

Our treaty team work closely with our strategic broker partners and their diverse client base to provide innovative, flexible and effective reinsurance solutions.
We offer a wide range of property reinsurance products to clients on a worldwide basis, and actively seek opportunities to work with our clients on a multiclass basis, where appropriate.
Via our US office, Rokstone accesses global A-rated capacity for all types of treaty reinsurance.

Coverage and limits

We are committed to always providing clear detail on our specific risk appetite to allow you to better understand our underwriting proposition.

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Risk appetite


  • Catastrophe Excess of Loss
  • Risk Excess of Loss
  • Proportional Treaty
  • Industry Loss Warranty
  • Aggregate Excess of Loss with limited perils
  • Retrocession
  • Catastrophe and risk protection of Direct and Facultative portfolios
  • Max USD10,000,000 any one programme
  • Worldwide

The team

Our wider teams are made up of leading underwriters and dedicated suppport staff to ensure that your experience working with us is forever a positive one.

Robin Ungless

Portfolio Manager - Treaty & Reinsurance Outwards


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